Optimaze your propellar with this propellar-track equipment for all prop.-directions,
for kitfoxes, and that you can build.

First you build the two of  " T-tubes ",  these has plates welded in the middle of the tube ( with holes for adj. hights ),
 and the tube have welded nuts in the ends.  Look at the little pic up, ( under kitfox aft body ).
Each of this " T-tube"  is hanging in two aluminiumblocks with holes,  that is monted in the fwd and aft floatmounts with bolts.
 In the middle of the two T-tubes plates with holes, there is a long square tube hanging, monted with bolts,
 and it can moves forward and backwards, but it can also be locked by the wingnuts on the curry through bolts.
In the front end of the square tube against the propellar there is a another plate ( look at the plate for left and right hand prop. up )
that can be locked by one bolt and one wingnut. You can do deg. mark on the squaretube.
The square tube shall hang so it meets the prop. at  25% of  the blade length from the tip end.
OBS! That I`m  not give you any of the material sort and size, it`s up to you to choose what material you will use.

Comments why to build this prop.-equipment:
A propellar can be wrong in pitch degree from one blade to the other but have the right track. 
This  wood prop. has probably been to high torquet in the hubbolts and the wood have been deformated.
The only thing to change this is to put schims between the engine hub and the propellar,
so it gets the right pitch in degrees at the both blades and a nice track.
This gives you a better prop. in thrust and more rpm:s, less noise and less vibration.
You can use the equipment on the airplane howe it stands. It not necessery to have it in horizontal position.
Look at images down,  howe you schims the propellar.

The schims material I use to schims my wood propellar is waterproof grindpaper,
because it is easy to cut out peaces to fit between prop. and enginehub.

Lars-Göran Karlsson