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Pekka and his wife visit Alvesta, Sweden,  with his SE-VAD.
Pekka has built his own floats.


See movies with SE-VAD on floats under Downloads.


Göran Blom visit Alvesta, Sweden, with his SE-XKX.
Göran has built his own floats.



SE-VAH is going to get homebuild floats under 2006.
The floats and parts is all made by hand.

Note: The carbon-noses is not fitted yet.


More images of SE-VAH on floats.   HERE.

Liftrings made by 4130 steel.


Interested to build your own floats?

A CD for building light floats is under construction but only in Swedish.
Or! Get a password from SCKF to read the swedish manual on line here.
If you are interested to build this floats you must get a floatserialnumber
from Lars-Göran Karlsson

LGK 2006