Welcome to Kitfoxes in Europe.

Kitfox is an amateur homebuild aircraft. Look around on this website  
and take a look at Kitfox history.

Kitfox owners / builders / photographers or other who have information about the kitfox airplanes in Europe,
help me to complement this website.
Send me images / data / text for your kitfox site here.
Send me tips and trix or other related information to or about the kitfox airplane.
Use "Contacts",  or send data from "Technical / Upload Kitfox Data Table".  Thanks! LGK.
NEW! Now the Kitfox owners in Europe can use the TeamKitfox.com  forums in USA. Thanks to Steve Kellander, Owner/Administrator.

KITFOXes, trailer and parts FOR SALE!  Under Buy And Sell.  Update Aug.  2011 . 

This site is dedicated to the owners,
builders and flyers of the Kitfox airplane in Europa and outside EU.
I hope it can be useful also for the
flyers that not have build an aircraft
but are interested to know about a very good performance,
safe, cheap and easy aircraft to build.

This site will be update constantly.

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